No Pain, No Gain

Do you ever look around the gym while working out and wonder are you the only one in pain?  Yes, working out hurts.  When you build new muscles your body has to create small tears in the muscle and then repair it […] Continue reading

How To Be A Superstar: In the Gym and In Life

The intention of working out:
How to be a Superstar! In life and in the gym.

A lot of success they say is in the mind. Maybe that’s true with working out. Hi, my name is Phaedra Lee and I sponsor the […] Continue reading

Florida Design Magazine Features Fusion Fitness Designs

Florida-Design-Ad 24x36

Volume 23 Number 1 features our latest ad in Florida Design Magazine!

Please pick up a copy at your nearest book store, airport, Publix to see our offer. We are also listed in the Orlando Designs section this month as a HOT […] Continue reading

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