You Are Invited!

We have been busy preparing the new machines for the Fusion Fitness Designs Skyline Strength Series product launch event Monday, July 29th at the UCF Business incubator.
Please join us to experience these new designs. We have built a collection of […] Continue reading

Save the Date – Fusion Fitness Designs Product Launch


The Skyline Strength Series by Fusion Fitness Designs introduces an innovative, aesthetically superior and functional collection of strength training equipment. The complete product line includes accessories, furniture, branding opportunities, luxury in-lays and customization potential. The units can meet any project […] Continue reading

Skyline Strength Series Biceps Curl SL.060 Featuring Phaedra Lee


Check out our photo from our promo shoot at Gold’s Gym featuring Fusion Fitness Designs Owner, Phaedra Lee!

Working Through It

Everyone knows what it is like to “Work Through It”. Most everyone has stayed up all night working on a last minute project due the next morning. Perhaps you remember a last minute trip to the mall on Christmas Eve […] Continue reading

Dear Fusion Fitness Designs 01

Golden chocolate chip muffins baked in the kitchen

Dear Fusion Fitness Designs,

Today, I am frustrated! Just as I have been for the past several days. For the past several years, I have accepted my “muffin top” as a sign of getting older and having a slower metabolism than […] Continue reading

Do You Have the Mustard?

Do you have the mustard? Why do we say this colloquial saying when referring to going through a hard time? It may because it is true! You need faith to achieve your goals.

When you are reaching out for your visions […] Continue reading

Be Life


We look around and we see people playing, laughing, running or out on the water and we all think to ourselves “that looks fun”. It happens all the time. Watching tv or driving somewhere in the car we notice people. […] Continue reading

Skyline Strength Series Biceps Curl SL.060

SL.060 Biceps Curl

The biceps brachii is a two-headed muscle. The biceps lies on the upper arm between the shoulder and the elbow. Both heads arise on the scapula and join to form a single muscle belly which is attached to the upper […] Continue reading

A Body You Love to Live In

Sometimes when you’re driving long distances on an open road you find yourself coming up with really great ideas. I know for me, it’s a time when I feel free and I can clear my mind from the stress of […] Continue reading

To Eat or Not to Eat? That is the Question

So how often do you find yourself well into your busy day without anything to eat? If you are like me it can be fairly often. As much as you know that success is dependent upon nourishing your system, it […] Continue reading

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