Manufacturing Strength Training Equipment

Weight training equipment is our only thought. Our founder and lead designer has a favorite saying, “I tried everything and then I built my own”. Imagine his faith & courage to design and build an entire line of strength training […] Continue reading


SL.010 Converging Chest Press

A deep, muscled chest is critical in developing a healthy, toned upper torso. Developing the pec muscles requires the perfection of contraction under the exactness of the Skyline Strength Series. The SL.010 Converging Chest Press is built to expand your […] Continue reading

It all starts with imagination

Ask yourself, “What is health?” Seriously, really think about it. I don’t think you would say looking good or fitting into a particular pair of jeans. What you would say is feeling good, having energy, being strong. So why do […] Continue reading

Corporate Profile

Great design is measured by its emotional impact on the individual. The Skyline Strength Series by Fusion Fitness Designs is designed to motivate, inspire, captivate and energize the individual to new levels of health and wellness. We provide uncompromised dedication […] Continue reading

A Magical Carpet Ride

A magical carpet ride to a destination better than anticipated, more amazing than planned and more than the imagination. There really is no place like home inside your body, mind and soul. Life is magical and you can’t tame or […] Continue reading

Deadlines to Depletion or Completion, you choose

Have you ever found yourself waiting too long and missing an opportunity, a chance or deadline? I’m sure you answered yes to this question and you may find you answer yes to it frequently. So what happens when you miss […] Continue reading

Desire, Inspire and Train


Looking at blossoming flowers, watching children play in a park or observing two lovers swooning over a glass of wine can evoke feelings of happiness and contentment in a world that is not always so happy.  While happiness may not […] Continue reading

Showroom Now OPEN!

Gaining Momentum


The Daytona Beach News Journal published an article today about our company and we are happy to share it with you!

View the Article

The interview with Fatima Hussein was amazing and she was so interested in our organization. She did a […] Continue reading

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