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It all starts with imagination

Ask yourself, “What is health?” Seriously, really think about it. I don’t think you would say looking good or fitting into a particular pair of jeans. What you would say is feeling good, having energy, being strong. So why do […] Continue reading

A Magical Carpet Ride

A magical carpet ride to a destination better than anticipated, more amazing than planned and more than the imagination. There really is no place like home inside your body, mind and soul. Life is magical and you can’t tame or […] Continue reading

Deadlines to Depletion or Completion, you choose

Have you ever found yourself waiting too long and missing an opportunity, a chance or deadline? I’m sure you answered yes to this question and you may find you answer yes to it frequently. So what happens when you miss […] Continue reading

Desire, Inspire and Train


Looking at blossoming flowers, watching children play in a park or observing two lovers swooning over a glass of wine can evoke feelings of happiness and contentment in a world that is not always so happy.  While happiness may not […] Continue reading

Working Through It

Everyone knows what it is like to “Work Through It”. Most everyone has stayed up all night working on a last minute project due the next morning. Perhaps you remember a last minute trip to the mall on Christmas Eve […] Continue reading

Dear Fusion Fitness Designs 01

Golden chocolate chip muffins baked in the kitchen

Dear Fusion Fitness Designs,

Today, I am frustrated! Just as I have been for the past several days. For the past several years, I have accepted my “muffin top” as a sign of getting older and having a slower metabolism than […] Continue reading

Be Life


We look around and we see people playing, laughing, running or out on the water and we all think to ourselves “that looks fun”. It happens all the time. Watching tv or driving somewhere in the car we notice people. […] Continue reading

A Body You Love to Live In

Sometimes when you’re driving long distances on an open road you find yourself coming up with really great ideas. I know for me, it’s a time when I feel free and I can clear my mind from the stress of […] Continue reading

To Eat or Not to Eat? That is the Question

So how often do you find yourself well into your busy day without anything to eat? If you are like me it can be fairly often. As much as you know that success is dependent upon nourishing your system, it […] Continue reading

No Pain, No Gain

Do you ever look around the gym while working out and wonder are you the only one in pain?  Yes, working out hurts.  When you build new muscles your body has to create small tears in the muscle and then repair it […] Continue reading

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