Deadlines to Depletion or Completion, you choose

Posted on Tuesday, June 24th, 2014 by Fusion Fitness Designs

Have you ever found yourself waiting too long and missing an opportunity, a chance or deadline? I'm sure you answered yes to this question and you may find you answer yes to it frequently. So what happens when you miss a deadline? What's the point really if you are late or fail to make a decision about something, really? Well, it can mean an opportunity not taken or perhaps a chance to move forward with your business, personal life or relationships. Missing deadlines can hurt you over the course of time. While the negative side can be a hindrance to growth and development it can also lead to thoughts of regret. These thoughts can steal your precious time by creating emotional baggage that's detrimental in so many ways. We all know that the secret to success is a positive mental outlook, but how can you be optimistic with the regrets from your past creeping in like a robber to a heist. The only way to conquer time is to control it. Make a list of areas in your life that have deadlines. We all know a few like bills, payments, purchase, repairs, etc. but what about the emotional ones like committing to a relationship, making a phone call, saving for retirement, losing extra weight? Take a look at your life, relationships, business and future and really take control over your deadlines and know way in advance what you will do when the time comes. Today is your day! LIVE IT.

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