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Posted on Friday, August 16th, 2013 by Fusion Fitness Designs

Looking at blossoming flowers, watching children play in a park or observing two lovers swooning over a glass of wine can evoke feelings of happiness and contentment in a world that is not always so happy.  While happiness may not come easily in everyday living it is important to look for moments to cling to that give us hope.  It may surprise you that the way images collect in your mind’s eye has a lot to do with how you create feelings. While feelings are not facts, they do seem real just like your dreams can wake you at night and you question their reality by checking to see if the doors are locked or something is missing.

Standing in line at Starbucks, hitting a traffic jam on the way to work or reaching for the last bit of toilet paper can leave you feeling irritated and irate.  Finding a solution to these challenges is not possible but finding a way to “cope” with them is.  It called relaxation.  It may surprise you that after all the yoga classes, massages and green tea lattes you have drank over the years, it takes more.  It is internal and comes from within.  Ask yourself, “What else could I have missed that I still feel anxious or bored, tired and fed-up?”

It may be as simple as work…According to the dictionary work is the exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something.  What are you looking to accomplish?  You work to get money and pay the bills.  You impress your boss to get a promotion or a bonus.  You know what you want and you have a clear purpose.  So why do you go the gym?

If your idea is to walk on the treadmill, attend a zumba class or kickboxing program these are all good ideas to stay fit.  There is still a piece of the puzzle you are missing.  Strength Training. That’s right good old fashioned weight lifting.  I know you were hoping for something simpler but unfortunately there is nothing like taking weight and lifting it in a safe, stably efficient manner to increase the load on your muscles and joints. Wake up those muscles by forcing them to contract and release.

This is the work that can give you the satisfaction of a job well done. Ask your trainer to show you how to lift safely. Get a book on weight training and learn how to train your body. Once you are done then you can relax and recover with a job well done. The impact of this satisfaction will permeate into your life and allow you the calmness needed to deal with life’s challenges. You will be stronger both emotionally and physically.

Please take a moment to discover what Fusion Fitness Designs can do to help you design and achieve your goals in life!

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