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Thank you for visiting us at Fusion Fitness Designs, the first true evolution in fitness strength training equipment in decades. We're redefining the fitness industry by providing high-end, sleek and stunning fitness strength training equipment which can be customized with endless possibilities. Our quest for perfection and expert workmanship produces the highest quality products, blended with old world techniques that reflect our passion and care. Our customer focused approach enables us to guide you through every stage of the purchasing process. From initial design to installation and after sales follow up our goal is to establish a long term relationship with you assuring that you always have the latest in innovation and technology.

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Skyline Strength (tm) Series
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Each Skyline Strength unit is designed with a precision unmatched in our industry. Every machine challenges the target muscles perfectly for optimum results. The use of the highest quality components and micro-adjustable seat adjustments add to the experience of the ultimate workout. Isn't it time you redefined yourself? Contact us now!

Upper Body Units

SL.010 Converging Chest Press
SL.015 Converging Incline Chest Press
SL.020 Converging Shoulder Press
SL.030 Pec/Rear Delt
SL.040 Lat Pulldown
SL.041 Diverging Lat Pulldown
SL.060 Biceps Curl
SL.070 Triceps Extension
SL.210 Low Row
SL.215 Seated Diverging Row
SL.230 Weight Assisted Chin Dip
SL.025 Side Delt
SL.075 Seated Dips

Lower Body Units

SL.100 Leg Extension
SL.110 Seated Leg Curl
SL.115 Prone Leg Curl
SL.150 Standing Glute
Coming Soon:
SL.120 Leg Press
SL.130 Inner Thigh- Abductor
SL.140 Outer Thigh- Adductor
SL.160 Seated Calf Machine

Torso Units

SL.080 Low Back Extension
SL.090 Abdominal Crunch
Coming Soon:
SL.085 Rotary Torso
SL.095 Dual Plane Abdominal Crunch

Functional Training Units

SL.190 Adjustable Cable Column
SL.195 Functional Trainer


SL.500 Olympic Bench Press w/Storage
SL.510 Olympic Incline Press w/Storage
SL.515 Olympic Decline Press w/Storage
SL.525 Adjustable Bench w/Wheels
SL.530 Seated Preacher Curl
SL.531 Standing Preacher Curl
SL.535 Flat Utility Bench
SL.540 Shoulder Stool
Coming Soon:
SL.520 Olympic Shoulder Press
SL.545 Squat Rack
SL.550 Power Rack
SL.555 Abdominal Crunch Bench
SL.560 Hyper Extension
SL.565 Seated Calf
SL.570 Leg Raise/Dips

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Options for Customization

The Skyline Strength Series is available in endless color combinations to suit your design needs. Accents composed of stainless steel, aluminum, real wood as well as other materials are a possibility to further enhance your equipment. Send us a digital copy of your logo and we can integrate your brand into the design of your machines and wellness center.


Our upholstery comes in a variety of colors and can be custom made to match your fitness room's color.

Aluminum Spacers

The Anodized Aluminum Spacers come in an array of colors. We can even match the color to your brand.

Paint Color

All our machines can be painted in any color that you like to match your brand or you can order the machine in stainless steel.

Weight Shroud

The Plexiglass Shroud surrounding the weight stack can be ordered in many different colors, and can be replaced with real wood.

It's Time to Redefine Yourself...
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